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Our Clients

Company Background

Aimhigher is a project initiated by the DfES (Department for Education and Skills) to aid those thinking of entering higher education. Each region in the South-East (Milton Keynes Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Kent and Medway, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Surrey and Sussex) had there own solutions for collecting, analysing and reporting on data gathered.

Our Input

Ekina worked with Aimhigher South-East to develop a database catering for data collection, consistency and report synchronisation across all six areas. The database was designed using the necessary fields from all the respective previous solutions. Once the database schema was implemented, Ekina designed a web based interface from which the data could be manipulated, this included the:

  • Easy retrieval and viewing of data
  • Adding, Editing and Removal of data
  • Report generation facilities
  • Online questionnaire entry facility
  • Archiving of specific data
  • User guide
  • Document download area


"I have no hesitation in recommending Ekina to other organisations for web-enabled database requirements. The team have always been responsive to our requests, building a web database that accommodates a wide range of users with different requirements. We are aware that sometimes we have asked them to respond to very tight deadlines but we have never been disappointed. Thank you Ekina, we look forward to working with you in the next few years, to help us maintain the site further."

Sharon Smith
Research & Evaluation Manager


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