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Our Clients

Company Background

Sartorius Ltd is part of the worldwide Sartorius Group, which is regarded as a leader in the fields of weighing and filtration, also known as Mechatronics and Biotechnology. The group has sales and service organizations on every continent and local representatives in more than 110 countries.

Sartorius supplies a broad range of products for laboratories and industrial environments, with major customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in many research and educational fields of the public sector.

Our Input

Sartorius Ltd was looking for a new software package to dramatically reduce the time taken to perform and process UKAS calibrations. Ekina developed the software that automates the process of data collection utilising the latest technologies such as GPRS, to provide faster results and greater data reliance. Ekina are now working with Sartorius on developments based upon this software.


"We had a business need for a mobile calibration solution, and offered the project to Ekina. It became quite evident from the early stages of development that we had chosen the best software company to work with. Their total professionalism in the management of the project and producing the finished product was second to none. They are a great bunch of guys to work with, always willing to go the extra mile for their clients."

John Courtney
Quality Assurance Manager
Sartorius Ltd


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